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Viva Flowers has been telling stories with flowers since 2018, building a reputation around the world for creating beautiful and memorable floral creations perfectly matched to every occasion and setting.

Flowers can speak and convey any feelings. We are accustomed to accompany any event in life with them: we are born with flowers, with flowers we go to school, with them we finish it, with flowers we confess our love, make a proposal, get married and celebrate any valuable event.


Our team of florists in Boca Raton

Everyone wants to amaze a loved one with a pleasant surprise. Our team of experienced florists in Boca Raton is ready to help you in this, offering a wide palette of bouquets and floral arrangements of different colors and varieties.

In accordance with your taste preferences and wishes, we make author’s floral arrangements, decorated brightly and originally, put a part of our soul into each composition.

Creating any bouquet or arrangement is creativity, in which we put all our efforts. We like what we do, we like to bring joy to people. After all, even in the most inclement weather, any bouquet can cause a smile on the face and warmth in the soul.

Even if you are far away from your loved ones, you can always order flower delivery in our shop.

About viva flowers

Our Approach

We also specialize in creating orchid arrangements, these incredible and beautiful plants that charm at first sight. You can check out our orchid catalog and place an order on our website vivaorchids.com.

We remember the stories of our customers. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you declarations of love, friendship, tokens of appreciation and touching reconciliations. We are true to our values and open to your wishes.

Viva Flowers is a floral atelier, workshop. Our studio specialises in producing truly original, innovative floral designs.
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Give flowers to your loved ones as often as possible. It is always pleasant and valuable.

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