Champagne White Orchids: A Masterpiece of Elegance and Imagination


Masterpiece Champagne Orchids. Two orchids in two glass pots with glass stems and bottle cork as a designer touch. An eye-catching addition to any home, this white Phalaenopsis orchid is the perfect way to express your vision of style and imagination

We know that each of you, choosing an arrangement from the catalog, wants to get exactly the same arrangement as on the photo. But, unfortunately, sometimes we or the supplier may not have the flowers, plants or decor you need in stock. Therefore, even if this happens, we always try to offer you options to replace some elements of the arrangement, relying on your budget, while maintaining the basic style and color scheme, so that you remain in any case delighted with the result.

The most important reason is that buds last longer than fully bloomed flowers. When flowers are in the bud stage, they are more resilient and can last longer without water or sunlight. This means that you will be able to enjoy your flowers for a longer period of time.
Another reason is that flowers in buds look more aesthetically pleasing than fully bloomed flowers. Buds create an air of mystery and anticipation. This makes them even more special when they finally bloom!
Sending flowers in the bud stage also allows you to see the natural process of flower growth and development over time. Watching a flower go from a tight bud to full bloom is an amazing experience that not many people get to see firsthand!

The arrangement will contain the same number of the same flowers, but they may be arranged differently in the vase, which may make it seem that the arrangement differs from the photo in the catalog. In fact, the layout of flowers in the arrangement and its final appearance does not always depend on us. It can be slightly different depending on such factors as the degree of bud opening, its shape, the number of flowers on the peduncle, the length of the stem and others. But we always try to make an identical arrangement as much as possible, and all changes take place only after agreement with you.

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Add a touch of elegance and imagination to your home with our Champagne White Orchids. This exquisite masterpiece features two stunning orchids in two glass pots, with glass stems and a bottle cork as a designer touch. It’s a true work of art that will captivate anyone who lays eyes on it.

Our Champagne White Orchids are not just ordinary flowers, they are a symbol of style and sophistication. The white Phalaenopsis orchids are known for their beauty and grace, and they will instantly elevate the ambiance of any room. Whether you place them in your living room, bedroom, or office, these orchids will create a sense of tranquility and serenity.

What sets our Champagne White Orchids apart is the attention to detail. The glass pots and stems add a modern and sleek touch, while the bottle cork adds a unique and unexpected element. It’s a combination of classic beauty and contemporary design that will make a statement in any space.

These orchids are not just a treat for the eyes, they also require minimal care. With the right amount of light and water, they will thrive and bloom for months, bringing joy and beauty to your home.

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